Office of Research Administration

Welcome to the Conflict of Interest Office

We’re Moving!

Effective Monday, August 31st, the Conflict of Interest Office will be located at 25 Science Park, 3rd Floor, 150 Munson Street.

Our new mailing address will be as follows:
Conflict of Interest Office
P.O. Box 208327
New Haven CT 06520-8327

Please make a note of this address change and update your records accordingly. All telephone numbers will remain the same. 

To learn more about Yale's implementation of the revised PHS regulations and related requirements click here

Yale University is committed to ensuring that the research, consultation, and other activities of faculty and non–faculty employees are conducted in accordance with the principles of openness, trust, and free inquiry that are fundamental to the autonomy and well–being of a university and with the responsible management of the University’s business. In pursuit of this important goal, the University requires annual disclosure of external interests related to University responsibilities in order to assist members of the Yale community to avoid the potential for these related interests to bias research, teaching, clinical care, or other University activities.

The Provost’s Committee on Conflict of Interest (“Committee”) is charged with identifying and addressing any potential, actual, and apparent conflicts of interest resulting from related external interests. The Conflict of Interest Office supports the Committee while working collaboratively with the Yale community to manage, reduce, or eliminate any identified potential, actual, or apparent conflicts of interest. This site is designed to provide helpful information and resources addressing the external interest disclosure requirements and process.


To ensure implementation of the University’s policy and assist those individuals and offices affected by and dependent on the conflict of interest process.

Click here to access the External Interests Disclosure form